Lockyer Uplands Catchments Inc

Caring for Native Habitats in the Lockyer

Lockyer Uplands Catchments Inc

...caring for native habitats

LUCI has a dream that goes something like this…

from Main Range to Helidon Hills, around our protected areas of Glen Rock, Dwyers Scrub and Flagstone Creek Parks, Lockyer Uplands landholders and their supporters are creating native habitat stepping stones and corridors for the survival of native wildlife in our landscape!



LUCI is doing its bit to “flatten the curve” in the spread of Covid-19 by postponing all scheduled events until public health messages recommend otherwise.    Meanwhile, for those interested in our native grasses project (see flyer below), our project mentor Dr Darren Fielder is happy to receive photos of grasses for identification Darren Fielder until we meet up in Workshop 1.  If you have native grasses on your property, you might like to consider pressing some specimens as many of the grasses are blooming at the moment with full seed heads.  We will be looking for pressed grass specimens to build a herbarium of native grasses of the Lockyer.    Of interest is the variety of forbs amongst the grasses and we’re interested in photos of those as well.   Something to do while self-isolating – put together a native grass compendium in preparation for the first workshop!