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Caring for Native Habitats in the Lockyer

Lockyer Uplands Catchments Inc

...caring for native habitats

LUCI has a dream that goes something like this…

from Main Range to Helidon Hills, around our protected areas of Glen Rock, Dwyers Scrub and Flagstone Creek Parks, Lockyer Uplands landholders and their supporters are creating native habitat stepping stones and corridors for the survival of native wildlife in our landscape!

LUCI is moving to a new website…our very own domain!  Please put the new address is your favourites list and visit us at www.lockyeruplandscatchmentsinc.org.au    We will maintain our old website for a few more months until you get used to visiting our new web address.

We now have a date for our ….

Native Grasses and Grassy Habitats of the Lockyer Valley Project

Sunday 20th September, by which time the grasses will have shed their winter mode for spring growth!

  Native Grasses Project Wshop1

Meanwhile … we have now collected 32 specimens in preparation for the workshop!  Project mentor Dr Darren Fielder has verified the specimens and is happy to receive photographs of specimens until we meet up in Workshop 1.  Remember…we will be looking for pressed grass specimens to build a herbarium of native grasses of the Lockyer.    Also of interest is the variety of forbs amongst the grasses and we’re interested in photos of those as well.    Places will be limited so book early/confirm your earlier booking for the first workshop!